My teething baby

Most babies find comfort when using a pacifier. My little man Luxley never did. He never wanted to suck on a pacifier, he only wanted to chew on it. Anytime he would get extremely fussy, my husband or I would give him the binky, rub it on his gums, and he would just go to town. That's when I decided it was time for teething toys!

I went to the store and grabbed a few and they worked good, but they all looked the same. There was nothing different or unique about them. I did some research and came across these super cute teethers and I knew Luxley just had to have them!

Not only are they super cute and unique, but they have been tested and are 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, PVC free, and lead free, so I feel totally comfortable giving these to him. He loves them! So many different designs and textures help with his teething discomfort whether they are at room temperature or have been popped in the freezer for a few minutes. I hope these teething toys can give your little ones teething comfort just like they have for mine.

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